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Emerging Leaders Rising

Emerging Leaders (EL) Rising is NTMA’s program where manufacturers can recognize the accomplishments of their future leaders!

As a leader for your company who is focused on the future, you have already identified your future leaders. Now you need to make sure they are being recognized for their work and accomplishments.

Every year, NTMA selects up to 15 individuals for this prestigious award. Selected individuals are recognized in The Record publication,  with their photos, professional information, and accomplishments. Individuals selected for the EL Rising are invited to attend Manufacturing Engage at a special rate, to be recognized on stage during the awards ceremony. This will offer them an opportunity to connect with one another, gain valuable recognition, and develop their skills and knowledge. They will also be invited to attend the 2022 Emerging Leaders Conference, where they can continue to grow and learn in this great profession.

We are now taking nominations for the EL Rising Class of 2022! Nominations for EL Rising Class of 2022 are open to all regular members, including our National Associates. Managers and supervisors of these young, talented, and emerging manufacturing professionals, submit your nominations today!

Nominate here – or contact Kristen Hrusch to learn more.

Emerging Leaders Conference

Every summer, NTMA invites the future of the Manufacturing Industry – to honor the next generation of precision metalworking professionals, and to continue to grow, learn, and build upon the success of NTMA’s Emerging Leaders!


This year’s EL Conference is taking place on August 29th in Indianapolis, IN


Learn more about EL Conference 2022 here!

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